Dao phay T hợp kim – 208034

Peripheral cutting, alternate set teeth (staggered). The sides of the teeth are ground to give clearance and thus cannot jam in the component. With semi-roughing profile.
For milling T-slots to DIN 650.
Feed at 50% fz until full engagement.

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Dao phay T hợp kim 208034

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Milling profile staggered teeth
Tolerance nominal ⌀ d11
Skaft DIN 6535 HB to h
Direction of infeed horizontal
Helix angle 12 Grad
Coating TiAlN
Colour ring green
Shank tolerance h6
Corner chamfer angle 45 Grad
Tool material Solid carbide
Standard DIN 851
Overall length Ltot 57 mm
No. of teeth Z 6
for T-slots DIN 650 6 mm
Corner chamfer width at 45° 0.2 mm
Type NF
Cutter ⌀ Dc 12.5 mm
Feed fz in steel < 900 N/mm2 0.033 mm
Correction factor fz 1.25
maximum cutting depth ap max when slot milling from solid 6 mm
maximum cutting depth ap max when side milling 6 mm

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