Dao phay ngón 3 me – 191520

Multi-flute end mill. Eccentric relief ground.
For the highest demands in respect to material removal rates.
Excellent results when milling dry.
Size 6M−25M MID mills:
Dimensions to manufacturer’s standard, which lies between DIN 844 short and DIN 844 long. Particularly suitable for mould and tool making, as the medium length provides higher rigidity than long series mills to DIN 844.

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Dao phay ngón 3 me 191520dao phay ngón

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Coating TiAlN
Shank tolerance h6
Colour ring without
Standard DIN 844 B
Corner chamfer angle 90 Grad
Tool material HSS PM
Helix angle 30-40 Grad
No. of teeth Z 4
Direction of infeed horizontal, oblique and vertical
Feed fz for slot milling in steel < 750 N/mm2 0.016 mm
Tolerance nominal ⌀ k10
Cutter ⌀ Dc 10 mm
Overall length Ltot 72 mm
Flute length Ls 22 mm
Shank ⌀ 10 mm
Correction factor fz 1.25
maximum cutting depth ap max when side milling 22 mm

dao phay ngón