Dao phay ngón 3 me – 191280

Centre cutting teeth for plunging.
Eccentric relief ground.
Suitable for use as a slot drill (tolerance e8) or an end mill.
50 % higher metal removal rate than 2 flute slot drills.
Larger flutes than multi-flute end mills (good for soft material). For milling keyways.

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Dao phay ngón 3 me 191280dao phay ngón

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Shank tolerance h6
Colour ring without
Standard DIN 844 B
Corner chamfer angle 90 Grad
Tool material HSS Co 8
Helix angle 30 Grad
No. of teeth Z 3
Direction of infeed horizontal, oblique and vertical
Feed fz for slot milling in steel < 750 N/mm2 0.014 mm
Skaft DIN 1835 B to h6
Tolerance nominal ⌀ e8
Cutter ⌀ Dc 10 mm
Overall length Ltot 95 mm
Flute length Ls 45 mm
Shank ⌀ 10 mm
Helix angle 30 Grad
Correction factor fz 1.25
maximum cutting depth ap max when side milling 45 mm
maximum cutting depth ap max when slot milling from solid 5 mm

dao phay ngón